Today, a happy day, is the peak called the Digiers Day, which is a day for digital talents
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Through the "Digiers Day" event, the Communication and Informatics Ministry aimed to increase the competence of digital talents, as digital skills are demanded by the job market and companies.

"Today, a happy day, is the peak called the Digiers Day, which is a day for digital talents. They have attended training and studied in the digital field," Ministry's Head of Human Resources Research and Development Agency Hary Budiarto stated while opening Digiers Day here on Wednesday .

Budiarto noted that the event also included sharing information on job opportunities for digital skill participants after they successfully passed the series of training.

Digiers Day was presented to be a platform for training alumni, a place to develop digital talents and find job opportunities. At the event, several metaverse activities could be studied, and the ministry provided job search modules, simulations, and information, Budiarto noted.

"These are breakthroughs from the Communication and Informatics Ministry to provide the best service in the development of digital human resources or the provision of digital talents," he stated.

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In developing digital talents, the ministry presents the Digital Talent Scholarship in the form of training, so that the Indonesian workforce can acquire digital skills that are needed to become competent.

"Currently, we have entered the digital era or the industrial era 4.0, the digital society 5.0, (hence,) digital talents are very necessary. We are no longer digitizing, but we are doing digital transformation," Budiarto explained.

In line with this goal, the ministry seeks to improve and build a new mindset of the training participants. According to Budiarto, the workforce must keep up with the progress and developments in digital technology, as digital transformation demands more than basic competencies.

In 2022, the ministry has provided Digital Talent Scholarship for 200 thousand people, ranging from basic to advanced levels.

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