We are conducting a ramp check operation to ensure the operational feasibility of the tourism bus
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Transportation Ministry and some personnel conducted a ramp check or safety inspection of tourism buses at Rest Area 45 A Ciawi, Bogor, on Saturday.

The director of road traffic at the directorate general of land transportation at the Transportation Ministry, Cucu Mulyana, said that tourist buses, which are mostly used for sightseeing, were prioritized for the ramp check.

"We are conducting a ramp check operation to ensure the operational feasibility of the tourism bus. The goal is to ensure that people use roadworthy buses," he added.

He said that the operation was done in collaboration with local stakeholders, such as the Bogor Police, military unit, and the Transportation Office.

Based on the inspection, one bus set to Puncak was found to have incomplete administration, dysfunctional parking brake, bald tires, and leakage, making it unfit for use.

“So, we move the passengers to a replacement bus that has arrived," he said.

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He appealed to people who are going on vacation to use roadworthy tourism buses.

“People are encouraged to rent a decent vehicle. Proof of kir book and permission that can be (held accountable). Apart from that, operators are urged to be able to maintain their vehicles and ensure that before leaving, the bus is roadworthy," he said.

Chief of Bogor Police, Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Iman Imanuddin, said that the inspection was carried out from December 22, 2022, to January 2, 2023.

"We conduct checks for vehicles heading to Puncak related on the vehicle's eligibility and the driver's health because the terrain to Puncak requires the health of the driver and the vehicle's eligibility. We do this to ensure the safety of passengers and road users," he explained.

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Imanuddin added that during the inspection, there were indeed buses which were found not fit for travel.

So, passengers had to be moved partly or completely to other buses that were suitable.

"For those that don't meet (the criteria), we have returned them to their post for repairs and fulfillment of technical and administrative provisions," he said.

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