Jakarta (ANTARA) - Stock investment app Stockbit has helped increase public participation in the capital market through various educational and literacy efforts.

The Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) reported that by the end of November 2022, the number of stock investors reached 4.38 million, a 27-percent increase from 3.45 million investors at the end of 2021.

“In response to this, throughout 2022, the stock investment app, Stockbit, has brought various excellent features to investors, both beginners and experienced ones, in Indonesia so that they can invest professionally,” Stockbit's head of product marketing, Vania Valeriana, said in a statement received in Jakarta on Monday.

Apart from being the largest social forum for investors and stock traders in Indonesia (Stockbit Stream), Stockbit has provided access to all users to use the “screener” feature, presented more detailed E-IPO features, broker summary, auto orders, and a new look at the company profile and Chartbit in 2022.

This has been part of our efforts in inviting the public to invest in a professional manner, Valeriana said.

She explained that earlier, only users with a customer fund account (RDN) at Stockbit were granted access to the “screener” feature, but now this feature can be used by all users without exception.

According to Stockbit users, the “screener” feature has been helpful in looking up certain stocks based on their personal criteria or the “screener” presets provided by Stockbit such as technical, fundamental, bandarmology, and dividend aspects.

"Stockbit is the only app that has this feature, and it is very important for traders and investors," one of the users, Eko Purwanto, said.

Using the “E-IPO” feature, users can order IPO stocks online on the Stockbit app without having to register separately. Under the “broker summary” feature, users can get detailed information about what stocks are being bought (accumulated) or sold (distributed) by certain brokers on a real-time basis.

Through the “auto order” feature, Stockbit is supporting investors who are particularly busy or have other activities during stock trading hours to conduct “auto-buy” and “auto sell.”

The “auto-buy” feature allows Stockbit users to buy stocks at a predetermined price so that when the stock price moves according to the target price, the order runs automatically.

With the “auto sell” feature users can sell stocks for to a certain target price, which could help them secure their profit or stop their loss.

The “auto order feature” on Stockbit is equipped with a “good for day” option, where orders remain valid until the end of the trading day, and a “good till canceled” option, where orders will be deemed valid until the user's order has been canceled.

Meanwhile, Stockbit has also updated the Chartbit and company profile views to display more complete information.

For example, with a new pointer, users can see details of hours, dates, and stock price movement more clearly.

"We also present haptic vibrations, which allow real user experience when reading charts," Valeriana said.

Earlier, the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) closed higher at the start of the week, led by stocks from the energy sector.

IHSG closed up 35.14 points or 0.52 percent at 6,835.81. Meanwhile, the group of 45 leading stocks or the LQ45 index rose 0.88 points or 0.09 percent to 935.15.

The movement of IHSG was also supported by sentiment from the commodity market, especially coal, whose prices remained stable at high levels. This brought the energy sector back to strength and led to a sectoral increase.

Opening higher, IHSG mostly moved in positive territory during the first session of stock trading. In the second session, IHSG was still comfortable moving in the green zone until the close of stock trading.

Based on the IDX-IC Sectoral Index, five sectors saw a correction, with the technology sector sliding the most by 1.27 percent, followed by the transportation and logistics sector (0.42 percent) and the health sector (0.41 percent) respectively.

Meanwhile, the stocks of six sectors increased, with the energy sector rising the most that are, by 1.9 percent, followed by the property and real estate sector and the industrial sector, which rose 0.61 percent and 0.31 percent, respectively.

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