Hence, the focus (to maintain) sovereignty must be on the sea
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) urged the newly inaugurated Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Muhammad Ali to maintain and defend Indonesia's sovereignty over the seas.

"We understand that two-thirds of Indonesia (territory) is the sea. Hence, the focus (to maintain) sovereignty must be on the sea, and this will be a huge responsibility for the new TNI chief of staff, Muhammad Ali," the president noted at the State Palace here, Wednesday.

The head of state remarked that his decision to appoint Ali as the Navy chief of staff is based on his track record and leadership performance while leading Navy units.

"I always study the track record. He was the Naval Academy governor and once served as Pangkoarmada (Commander of the Republic of Indonesia Fleet Command) and Pangkogabwilhan (Commander of the Joint Regional Defense Command). I will always study the experience and track record, and I see he has a good leadership record," Jokowi explained.

While highlighting the border regions and outermost islands that must be the focus of the new chief of staff, he also instructed Ali to focus on and resolve issues in Indonesia's maritime border.

"I say that (his focus) must be on the border, the maritime border rather than the land border," he remarked.

The president also instructed the new Navy chief of staff to modernize the military armament system and upgrade military equipment and installation necessary for naval defense.

The president inaugurated Admiral Muhammad Ali as the new Navy Chief of Staff to succeed Admiral Yudo Margono, whose position was elevated to serve as the new Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) Commander.

During the ceremony on Wednesday, apart from inducting Ali as chief of staff, the president also promoted him from the vice admiral rank to full admiral.

Presidential Decisions No. 100 TNI of 2022 on Discharge and Inauguration of Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff and No. 101 TNI of 2022 on Promotion of TNI High-ranking Staff, both dated December 28, 2022, are the legal basis for Ali's appointment.

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