Liuzhou (ANTARA/Xinhua-AsiaNet)- "In front of the Po'e Mountain, the jade-like river water flows to the east, and a literatus is standing at the bow in the distance." (by Liu Zongyuan, Tang Dynasty, The Reply to Cao Shiyu's Letter When He Passing Xiangxian County). Under the Po'e Mountain, the millennial ancient town and white sand with snail is the cultural tourist IP newly cultivated in Yufeng District, Liuzhou City. As the core area of inheriting historic culture in Liuzhou City, Yufeng District deeply digs its own resource endowment, strives for innovation and changes while adhering to the tradition, and comprehensively promotes the cultural tourism industry in its jurisdiction to take a new step of high-quality development.

The number of tourists in 2021 was 8,966,800, a year-on-year increase of 16.43%; Tourism consumption registered 10.181 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17%. In the first half of 2022, the total number of tourists and total tourism consumption ranked first in all counties and districts of Liuzhou City. Yufeng District has successively won the honorary titles of the Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art and the Demonstration District of Ecologic Tourism throughout Guangxi, according to the Publicity Department of Yufeng District.

Highlight the background color with culture as the spirit
Yufeng District is located in the south of Liuzhou City, and is the birthplace of Liujiang men - one of the earliest ancient humans in China, with a long historical accumulation and abundant national cultural connotations. There are 11 national 4A-level tourist attractions in the jurisdiction, including Liyufeng with mountain peaks and green pond, Bailiandong Cave Science Museum with a long history, the century-old Liuzhou Industrial Museum and Liuzhou River Snail Rice Noodle Industrial Park where brands gather. Liyong Town and Baisha Town have an elegant natural scenery, including the lawn at the river beach, the birds in the sandbank, the flying waterfalls, the flowing springs, the clear stream, and the caves. Yufeng District fully utilizes and inherits the resource advantages of Liuzhou's historical and cultural core area, integrates in multiple dimensions, and constantly highlights the gold business cards of "snail culture", "folk song culture" and "prehistoric culture".

Strengthen development while taking projects as key point
To achieve high-quality development, the project support is indispensable for the cultural tourism industry. Yufeng District insists on taking the project as the key point, promotes the construction of cultural tourism projects at a high level, actively carries out the investment attraction of cultural tourism industry, and cultivates a batch of cultural tourism projects with strong driving ability and wide radiation range through attracting investment and major support. It has successively built the new museum of Liuzhou Bailiandong Cave Science Museum, the exhibition hall of Liuzhou Bauhinia Cultural Creativity Gallery, and Snail Street in Yaobu Ancient Town in Liuzhou, introduced the 5G+VR science and technology theme park - Xiangyun Snail Park, and accelerated the projects of Yufeng Sports Park, Liuzhou Wolong Lake International Tourist Resort, and Longdu Tourist Road, injecting new power and adding new vitality to the economic development in the jurisdiction, and exploring new spaces.

Add vitality focusing on features
River snail rice noodle is a street delicacy in Liuzhou City. In 2016, Yufeng District took the lead in eating crabs, and moved street food into the park for large-scale and brand production, to build the Liuzhou River Snail Rice Noodle Industrial Park. At present, the park has introduced 48 enterprises engaged in river snail rice noodle, with a daily production and marketing of nearly 4 million bags, making it the largest producing area of bagged river snail rice noodle in China. Taking industry as the carrier, the park will turn into a scenic spot, and change diners into tourists, while Yufeng District will deeply cultivate the river snail rice noodle culture and launch four cultural experience tourist routes for river snail rice noodle, namely traceability tour, experience tour, country tour, etc. to fully display the historical origin, cultural connotation and development history of Liuzhou river snail rice noodle, and to constantly enhance the popularity and influence of Liuzhou river snail rice noodle industry, and at the same time, constantly release its cultural charm.

Source: The Publicity Department of Yufeng District

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Caption: Tangxun Bay, Liyong Town, Yufeng District


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