A number of indicators that are part of the PPKM are the reasons of the PPKM revocation today
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Spokesperson of the Health Ministry, Mohammad Syahril, stated that the government's decision to end the implementation of community activity restrictions (PPKM) showed that the pandemic in Indonesia was in a controlled condition.

"Even though the PPKM has been revoked, we are still in a pandemic situation. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the pandemic is not over, so we must remain vigilant," he noted in a talk show titled "The Future of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia" in Jakarta, Friday.

Syahril, who concurrently serves as President Director of Sulianti Saroso Hospital, stated that PPKM is one of the strategies in the efforts to prevent COVID-19.

"PPKM revocation brings joy in us. There are no more restrictions in society," he affirmed.

According to Syahril, the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Indonesia is under control, marked by a case rate below one thousand and no significant spike in this month, including the number of cases of hospitalization and death rates.

In addition, based on sero-surveys, people's antibodies to the coronavirus have reached an average of 98.5 percent. This indicator shows that the Indonesian people already have immunity through vaccination and infection, he remarked.

"A number of indicators that are part of the PPKM are the reasons of the PPKM revocation today," he stated.

However, he reminded the public to remain alert to the possibility of a spike in cases in future due to the emergence of a new variant of the coronavirus.

Syahril said his ministry has prepared infrastructure, human resources, medical devices, and medicines to handle another spike in cases in future.

He emphasized that COVID-19 vaccination was also important in keeping with the pandemic situation that is under control.

"Vaccination is part of giving immunity to the community. Once people get the vaccination, even if they contract the virus, the symptoms are not severe," he added.

He later remarked that primary vaccine coverage in Indonesia was above 72 percent and had met the WHO standards. Until now, the government is still pursuing booster vaccinations or the third dose of vaccination, as the number of recipients is still around 27 percent.

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