Jakarta (ANTARA) - Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Religious Affairs called on the public to treat qari' (reciters of the Quran) with utmost respect and avoid inappropriate actions that might denigrate the sanctity of the holy scripture.

"Quran reciters must be respected with high ethics standards. (Inappropriate) actions, such as saweran (showering money), reduced the sanctity of the Quran recitation," the ministry's Director of Islamic Community Guidance, Kamaruddin Amin, stated here, Friday (January 6).

Amin's statement was made in response to a viral video showing a woman qari' being showered with money by spectators, who approach her on the stage while reciting Quranic verses -- the action more commonly performed on performing dangdut singers.

The ministry's official said that saweran to Quran reciters could harm the solemnity of Quran recitation, as people ought to listen to the recited verses with full respect.

"Do not interrupt (the recitation) with activities that could harm its sanctity. Reciting the Quran is not merely to recite beautiful sounds but (they are) propagating the word of God," he emphasized.

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Meanwhile, the ministry's Director of Islamic Enlightenment, Ahmad Zayadi, said that Muslims, who hear the Quran recitation, should listen with full respect and comprehend the recited verses and their meaning in solemnity.

"In such ways, the Quran will make us peaceful and calm. If we respect the Quran and the qari', God Willing, the blessing of the holy Quran will be propagated to everyone," he remarked.

Earlier, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) also sharply criticized the people, who performed the saweran to Quran reciters.

According to MUI's Head of Proselytization and Islamic Brotherhood Department, Cholil Nafis, such actions are a deviation from the Quran and must be condemned. He also called the ulema and the people to not tolerate such action in the name of tradition.

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