Jakarta (ANTARA) - The public prosecutor demanded that the defendant in the premeditated murder case of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat (Brigadier J), Ferdy Sambo, be sentenced to life imprisonment during a trial at South Jakarta District Court, Tuesday.

"Sentenced the defendant with a life sentence," public prosecutor Rudy Irmawan stated while reading out the charges at the South Jakarta District Court, Jakarta, Tuesday.

The public prosecutor remarked that the defendant had been legally and convincingly proven guilty of violating Article 340, subsidiary Article 338, juncto Article 55 paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code.

Irmawan also noted that Sambo was proven to have violated Article 49 in conjunction with Article 33 of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning ITE in conjunction with Article 55, paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code.

The act that aggravated the demands against Sambo was his killing of the victim Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat or Brigadier J and having caused deep sorrow to the victim's family. Sambo was also convoluted, did not admit to his act, and did not regret his actions in giving testimony in front of the court.

"The result of the defendant's actions caused widespread unrest in the community," he added.

In addition, the prosecutor assessed that Sambo's actions had tarnished the National Police (Polri) institution in the eyes of the public and the international world. The prosecutor considered that it was inappropriate for Sambo to commit this act while serving as a law enforcement official and a senior police official.

"The defendant's actions have caused many other members of the Polri to become involved," Irmawan added.

He also considers that there are no mitigating circumstances for Sambo.

"Declaring that the defendant Ferdy Sambo has been proven legally and convincingly guilty of committing the crime of premeditated murder together," Irmawan stated.

Sambo is one of the five defendants in the premeditated murder case of Brigadier J.

The four other defendants are Ricky Rizal, Richard Eliezer, Putri Candrawathi, and Kuat Ma'ruf. The five defendants were charged with violating Article 340, subsidiary Article 338 in conjunction with Article 55, paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code.

Earlier, on Monday, Kuat Ma'ruf and Ricky Rizal had undergone trial for prosecution. The public prosecutor had demanded that both be sentenced to eight years of imprisonment.

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