Palangka Raya, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The development of Indonesia's new capital (IKN), Nusantara, in East Kalimantan will create many job opportunities, both in the formal and informal sectors, Deputy Minister of Manpower Afriansyah Noor has said.

"IKN will become a new source of economic growth, especially for East Kalimantan and supporting regions, such as Central Kalimantan. The chain effect will be extraordinary, including in the field of employment," he added here on Tuesday.

He made the statement at a national seminar on “Work Opportunities for Millennials in the Supporting Regions of IKN Nusantara,” which was attended by students of Palangka Raya Muhammadiyah University.

The new job opportunities will include those in the field of development, namely basic infrastructure, such as the construction of roads, dams, and buildings, Noor informed.

Jobs will also be created in other fields, such as property in the form of housing development, the field of electricity-based or environmentally friendly transportation, and the field of hospitality or entertainment, such as cafés and tourist destinations, among others.

The development carried out by the government will be based on increasing the competitiveness of sectors that have developed in Kalimantan, which are oriented toward advanced and sustainable technology, he said.

Jobs will also be transformed during the Industry 4.0 technological development. Thus, many jobs will emerge or disappear.

"Expertise in the digital world is important to be able to work in the smart city IKN," he said.

The readiness of Indonesia's workforce to support the vision for IKN as "a global city for all" is still not sufficient, he added. The workforce participation rate is still low, namely at around 68.63 percent or 143.72 million.

"Of the number, around 92.63 million people work full time, or more than 35 hours per week, and there are still around 42.67 million people who only work under 35 hours. This shows a waste of resources. Thus, an appropriate solution is needed," Noor added.

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Translator: Muhammad Arif, Raka Adji
Editor: Sri Haryati
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