Jakarta (ANTARA) - Revocation of the public activity restrictions (PPKM) policy is one of the factors behind the increase in hotel room occupancy during the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday, the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) stated.

"First, during this year's CNY, there are no mobility restrictions or PPKM at all," Secretary General of PHRI Maulana Yusran remarked when contacted on Monday.

He further noted that this year's CNY holiday could become an additional incentive after the year-end holiday to achieve the occupancy target in January.

According to Yusran, the association is optimistic that in 2023, an increase in hotel occupancy would occur as the government had lifted the PPKM policy.

However, he believes that the association continues to face several challenges this year, in the form of the potential global crisis, among others.

"Actually, in 2023, we are very optimistic. The first is because PPKM has been revoked. We know, if we talk about the tourism sector, we talk about the mobility and activities of the community," he stated.

He is upbeat that this year, the PHRI would collaborate with the government to boost the trips of domestic tourists, so that activities in the tourism sector in the country would continue to grow despite the presence of external challenges.

He noted that this can be realized through programs designed to support recovery of the tourism sector after being hit by the pandemic through conducive regulations and policies.

"Apart from foreign tourists, we can focus on domestic tourists on how to boost the trips. It will be very helpful," he stated.

President Joko Widodo, on December 30, 2022, announced an end to the PPKM policy that was enforced to control COVID-19 transmission in Indonesia.

The revocation of the PPKM policy translates to the fact that there will be no more restrictions on public activities and mobility, he remarked.

Despite the revocation of the policy, the president still appealed to the people to remain careful and vigilant.

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Translator: Lifia Mawaddah, Raka Adji
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