BPBD records 44 disaster-impacted locations in Padang Pariaman

BPBD records 44 disaster-impacted locations in Padang Pariaman

Flood and landslides impacted several regions in Padang Pariaman District, West Sumatra, Monday (January 23, 2023), resulting in two deaths. (ANTARA).

Padang Pariaman, W Sumatra (ANTARA) - The Padang Pariaman Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), West Sumatra, reported 44 locations affected by disaster between Monday (January 23) and early Tuesday morning that resulted in two deaths.

“Based on data collected as of Tuesday, at 05:45 a.m. local time, there were some disasters in Padang Pariaman," Acting Chief of Padang Pariaman BPBD Budi Mulya stated here on Tuesday.

Some 11 landslides, 31 flooded points, and fallen trees were recorded at two locations in Padang Pariaman. In total, 14 nagari (villages) in 13 sub-districts in Padang Pariaman are affected by the disaster.

As of Tuesday, at least two people died, two people were seriously injured, four people were lightly injured, 1,500 families were affected, and more than 750 families were displaced.

The disaster also affected road access to several houses and buildings of public facilities, as well as caused power cuts, wherein about 50 houses, 10 stalls, five motor vehicles, 50 houses of worship, and 30 educational facilities were affected, while hundreds of hectares of agricultural land were damaged.

"Until now, the Padang Pariaman BPBD team is still evacuating (residents) and collecting data," Mulya stated.

Currently, his side needs heavy equipment, logistics, and instant food to support disaster handling and help the victims.

BPBD has also issued warnings of floods, landslides, and fragile trees, so residents can make anticipatory efforts.

The rain intensity in Padang Pariaman and its surroundings from Monday to Tuesday morning was observed to be light to heavy, resulting in several disasters.

The Ulakan Tapakis and Nan Sabaris sub-districts in Padang Pariaman were still inundated.

Moreover, motorized vehicles cannot ply through the road connecting the cities of Padang and Pariaman via Ulakan Tapakis due to the local overflowing river.

One of the motorists who was about to cross the Ulakan Tapakis Road, Yusrizal, said he was forced to turn around to avoid flooding.

"There were vehicles that were forced to pass but eventually they broke down," he remarked. 

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