all you need to do is to just come
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia has assured that more substantial incentives will be offered for investment in capital city Nusantara (IKN) compared to other regions of Indonesia.

"For IKN, I emphasize, stress, that tax holiday or other incentives in IKN will be greater and better compared to other regions in Indonesia. Because we adopt lex specialis for capital city Nusantara," the minister said at the “Mandiri Investment Forum 2023 Morning Talk” here on Thursday.

Priority is being given to investment in the new capital, he said. Incentives are expected to draw investors to Nusantara.

"All of these (are being offered) in order to rouse (interest), so when people invest, IRR (internal rate of return) can be hastened, period of BEP (break even point) can be ensured how long, and I convince that you will not lose anything investing there," he added.

The minister said that he will not make empty promises about capital city Nusantara to other business players as he, too, has been a businessman.

"For IKN, let the government take care of all the permits; all you need to do is to just come. And it's been done, this is a good thing. With my background as a businessman, impossible for me to give empty promises to business players," he elaborated.

On the same occasion, head of the Capital City Nusantara Authority, Bambang Susantono, said that even though he could not disclose the contents of the draft government regulation that covers investment in the city since it has been handed to the President for signing, he could vouch that the incentives were good.

“The final draft is in the end stages, to be signed by President these days. But I can assure that incentives in Nusantara city will be the best. Compared to incentives of others, for example, incentives in Special Economic Zones, this will be better. Longer tax holiday, percentage of super tax deduction, which is greater," he informed.

The incentives in the draft range from tax holidays for investment, tax holidays for office relocation, super tax deductions on certain activities, special taxes for financial centers, to special treatment for value-added tax.

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