(Broadcasters) must not excessively broadcast (demonstrations) lest they inspire (similar actions in) other regions.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission's (KPI's) decision to restrict the broadcasting and coverage of demonstrations on television is aimed at preventing copycat actions, chairperson Aswar Hasan has clarified.

"When we were in office in 2019, there were (protests) in Papua. We asked televisions to minimize (demonstration broadcasting) because it triggered actions in other regions, such as attacks against Papuan students dormitories in some cities," he said during a hearing meeting with Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR) at the Parliament Complex here on Monday.

The KPI head made the statement in response to queries regarding the noticeable reduction in the coverage of demonstrations and protests on television.

He said that while a demonstration in any region is newsworthy, its coverage must not be excessive to prevent copycat actions in other regions.

"(Broadcasters) must not excessively broadcast (demonstrations) lest they inspire (similar actions in) other regions," the KPI head stressed.

KPI commissioners are concerned that lengthy and live broadcasting of demonstrations in regions might provoke residents in other regions to carry out similar actions, he explained.

He said that the police called his office several times as they believed the coverage of demonstrations on television caused them to spread in other regions.

"When (a demonstration reported) in regions culminates in arson or (protesters) knocking down a building fence, it unexpectedly gets duplicated in other provinces or cities," he said.

To address the issue, the KPI head said that a meeting was organized with the Indonesian Press Council where it appealed to the agency to issue a regulation on the live broadcasting of demonstrations.

"We ask for an arrangement between the Press Council and the KPI regarding the live broadcasting of demonstrations. We believe its broadcasting would instead cause adverse effects," he said.

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