We must continue to build public optimism, trust, and confidence.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate has urged the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), as a quasi-government institution, to carry out more massive supervision of digital broadcasting content.

"(KPI’s function) is to ensure high-quality broadcast content. We have begun the digital broadcasting implementation, (thus there are) more contents, more channels, and wider creativity," he noted during the KPI National Coordination Meeting 2022, according to a statement issued on Tuesday.

He asked the central and regional KPIs to ensure that broadcasting content is in line with Indonesian rules and cultural values.

"It is the role of KPI to ensure and maintain that broadcasting contents are according to our regulations, cultures, and values; educate, as well as build public optimism," he added.

He also asked the community and multiplexing providers (MUX) to remain optimistic about the success of the analogue switch-off (ASO) program.

Such optimism would be in line with the theme of the coordination meeting—“Strengthening the Nation's Optimism through Broadcasting,” the minister said.

"We must continue to build public optimism, trust, and confidence," he remarked.

Meanwhile, chairperson of the Central KPI, Agung Suprio, said that currently, the commission is still monitoring content manually, with all broadcasts on one television station supervised by four people, who work in shifts.

If the number of television stations increases, especially if it rises above 30, it will pose a challenge for KPI, he added.

The KPI relies on complaints from the public to ensure the monitoring system runs well, as people often report content that is not in accordance with the values of the community. The commission then proceeds to deal with the complaints.

Hence, currently, the KPI is exploring collaborations with various parties for television broadcast supervision, including the use of an artificial intelligence-based surveillance system.

With artificial intelligence, one tool will be enough to monitor several contents at once, thereby making supervision effective, efficient, and precise, Suprio said.

"We will consult with the Communication and Informatics Minister as well as with Commission I of the House of Representatives regarding the budget because it requires no small amount," he added.

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