Otherwise, the huge potential of the digital economy will be wasted, vanished just like that.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Public and private electronic system providers (PSEs) need to ensure three things to strengthen cybersecurity in Indonesia, Communication and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate has said.

"Availability of encryption technology, (general) digital talent, as well as cybersecurity digital talent (are required) by all PSEs. Because (data) leaks can be caused from within (internal system), not (only) from outside (parties)," he said, according to a press release received on Thursday.

He said he believes that currently, cybersecurity must be managed as well as the physical security of a country since cybersecurity is important for maintaining the digital sovereignty of a country.

The Indonesian government has outlined the mandate in the Personal Data Protection Law.

“The (scope of the) cybersecurity system is very broad, including the resilience and sovereignty of a nation. Thus, (serious) efforts must be made to ensure that cybersecurity is well-maintained. It has also been regulated in the Personal Data Protection Law that all PSEs must have a Data Protection Officer (DPO)," the minister said.

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Digital security is closely related to the development of the digital economy, he observed.

Hence, comprehensive collaboration is required to ensure the resilience of cybersecurity in Indonesia so that it can support the digital economy potential in the country, which has continued to grow.

“Otherwise, the huge potential of the digital economy will be wasted, vanished just like that. I always support and follow developments (in domestic cybersecurity). I believe all Indonesian digital talents will take part in utilizing the digital economy, which continues to grow," Plate said.

In addition to asking PSEs to collaborate in strengthening cybersecurity, the government is also actively coordinating and collaborating with the relevant ministries, institutions, and agencies to create a safe cyberspace for all Indonesian people, he informed.

One of the institutions is the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN), which has been assigned the responsibility of coordinating efforts to maintain digital security in Indonesia, in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 28 of 2021.

"We (the government) support the BSSN. Still, BSSN, as a regulator who will monitor all our cyber resilience and systems, needs to be supported by resilient PSEs," he added.

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