Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL), Marine Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion (Yontaifib) 1, and the United States Marines conducted parachuting training at the Indonesian Navy Air Base in Pondok Cabe on Monday.

Commander of the Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion 1 (Danyontaifib), Major Marine Laili Nugroho, noted in a statement from his office that the exercise aims to improve air capabilities and skills for infiltration.

"The mission is the main goal, but security and safety are an inherent part always present in every amphibious reconnaissance soldier during their duties. Mission first, safety first," Nugroho emphasized while conversing with the participants.

The combat free fall parachute training at the Pondok Cabe Air Base was divided into four flight sorties at an altitude of 10 thousand feet. Soldiers participating in the training were transported aboard an NC 212-200 Aviocar aircraft from the 1st Air Wing 600 Squadron/TNI AL Aviation Center (Puspenerbal).

Before parachuting, participants also partook in a simulation at the Orion Simulator Wind Tunnel Sky Diving Center Building at the Indonesian Fleet Command Training Command in Jakarta.

The parachuting exercise in Pondok Cabe is a series of the 2024 Reconnaissance Exchange (Reconex) Joint Exercise between the Indonesian Navy Marine Corps and the United States Marine Forces Pacific (US Marforpac) First Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) 1st Reconnaissance Battalion on April 25-May 10, 2024.

Reconex Training is a joint exercise routinely held by the Indonesian Navy Marine Corps and the United States Marine Corps every one to two years. Trainings in 2021 and 2023 were held at the Marine Force Reconnaissance Battalion Camp, Pendleton, California, the United States.

The US Marine troops taking part in this year's Reconex Exercise came from US Marforpac, stationed at H.M. Smith Camp in Hawaii, the United States. Troops from US Marforpac operating in the Indo-Pacific region are included in joint exercises with US partner countries, such as Indonesia.

The areas of focus of the 2024 Reconex comprise combat marksmanship, sniper range shooting training, tactical combat casual care (TCCC), joint-combined exchange training (JCET), close-quarters battle (CQB) with the new generation sUAS system, ground reconnaissance involving patrolling, mission planning and procedure briefing, military freefall jump, and full mission profile.

The 2024 Reconex Training was held at several locations, namely at the Marine Combat Training Center (Puslatpur) 6 Antralina, Sukabumi, West Java; Pondok Cabe TNI AL Air Base, Tangerang, Banten; in Damar Island, Seribu Islands, Jakarta; and at the Armed Forces Commander, Jakarta.

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