Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Navy soldiers from the 1st Marine Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion (Yontaifib) and the United States Marines on Friday wrapped up a series of reconnaissance and infiltration exercises under the "Reconnaissance Exchange" (Reconex) Joint Exercise 2024.

The two units underwent a series of closing exercises ranging from long-range navigation exercises to complete infiltration exercises (full mission profile) from May 8–10, 2024.

Commander of Marine Troops (Danpasmar) 1, Brigadier General Umar Farouq, emphasized that joint training between Indonesian and United States Marine troops would not stop at the 2024 Reconex.

"There will be many more exercises between the two units," he informed while reviewing the training on Thursday, according to an official statement released on Friday.

As part of a series of full mission profile exercises on Damar Island since Thursday, Amphibious Reconnaissance soldiers from the two countries practiced infiltrating enemy areas, paralyzing targets, freeing prisoners, and treating and evacuating combat victims, followed by exfiltrating, or leaving the enemy area after completing the mission.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday (May 8), the soldiers trained in long-range navigation, a cross-surface infiltration technique using rubber boats (seariders).

In a separate official statement issued by the US Embassy in Indonesia, Commander of Alfa Company, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division of the US Marine Corps, Captain Ethan Hamilton, informed that the Reconex training was a unique opportunity for soldiers from the two countries to build mutual trust.

According to him, the joint exercise aimed to improve the capabilities of the two countries' reconnaissance forces in terms of tactics, techniques, and procedures in a hostile environment.

The Reconex training is a joint exercise that is held routinely by the Indonesian Navy's Marine Corps and the United States Marine Corps every one–two years.

This year, the training took place from April 25–May 10. It was attended by 120 soldiers from the 1st Yontaifib of the Indonesian Navy's Marine Corps and 20 soldiers from the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion of the 1st Marine Division of the US Marine Corps.

Besides Damar Island, the Reconex training was also held in several other locations, namely Marine Combat Training Center (Puslatpur) 6 Antralina, Sukabumi, West Java; the Pondok Cabe Airbase in Tangerang, Banten; and the Indonesian Armed Forces Training Command in Jakarta.

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