So, all electronic system operators must have firewall technology and encryption technology…to defend against cyberattacks.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Electronic system operators (PSEs) are expected to improve their defense against cyberattacks following the ratification of the Personal Data Protection Bill, Communication and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate said.

“So, all electronic system operators must have firewall technology and encryption technology which, from time to time, (must) constantly be updated to defend against cyberattacks," the minister said at the Senayan Parliament Complex here on Tuesday.

It is also necessary to employ qualified human resources to implement good governance, he added. "You must have human resources with high qualifications and (good) standards," he stated.

Operators must also have a good and fast organizational system for dealing with cyberattacks targeting their respective systems, he added.

According to Minister Plate, the PDP Bill, which has been passed into law, stipulates the rights of owners of personal data and regulates sanctions for PSEs regarding the management of personal data on their respective systems.

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"One of the obligations of the electronic system operator, be it the government, the public, or the private sector, is to ensure that personal data is protected in the system. This is an obligation (for) personal data," he said.

The ministry will monitor the management of personal data by all operators, he added. If there is any personal data leak, a compliance check would be conducted, he informed.

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"Have they carried out in accordance with the PDP Law? If not, then they will be given various types of sanctions, as stipulated in the PDP Law, both administrative sanctions and criminal sanctions, imprisonment, and fines," he elaborated.

The Personal Data Protection Bill was ratified into law at a plenary meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

"Can the Bill on Personal Data Protection be approved to be passed into law?" deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Lodewijk Freidrich Paulus, said at the meeting, which was held at the Parliament Complex in Jakarta on Tuesday.

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