Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's Minister of Communication and Informatics Johnny G. Plate has ensured that the digital infrastructure and public communication network for the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo are adequate.

"We have almost finished the preparation. It is also supported by adequate digital telecommunication technology and infrastructure such as optical fiber, 4G network. or experience using 4G network," he conveyed after visiting the media center and venue for the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

According to a press release received here Tuesday, Plate informed that his ministry had also provided the similar public communication service facilities with the same standards for the G20 Summit last year.

However, for the ASEAN Summit, the facilities are still adjusted to the condition in Labuan Bajo. They are expected to accommodate the media people covering and reporting the ASEAN Summit, he added.

According to him, journalists covering the ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo came from local, national, ASEAN, and international media outlets. To support the journalists' works, the government has set up a media center at the Bintang Flores Hotel.

"There are three rooms with a capacity of 340 people. To note, as of today as many as 319 journalists coming from national and official media outlets, and foreign media's correspondents have been verified to cover the ASEAN Summit," he said.

He further noted there are seven booths that can be used by the media people for their live reportage while his ministry also provides a press conference room that can accommodate up to 200 journalists with facilities for photojournalists and cameramen.

"For health service needs, we have a medical room that can be used by media crew. Apart from the hotel restaurant, a dining room will also be built with a tent with a capacity of 144 seats located next to the press conference. This facility is also equipped with WiFi and ethernet," he added.

Plate also stated several booths with backgrounds for journalists with various backdrops such as beaches, hotels, and parks are also.available for their reportage, while the editorial crew together with the manager of public communication for the 42nd ASEAN Summit will be located at the 6th floor of the Bintang Flores Hotel.

He informed that all rooms at the hotel are scheduled to be completed in the next two days.

As the person in charge for communications, media, and public relations for the summit, Plate hopes that all activities will run successfully.

Indonesia's preparations for hosting the event have been extraordinary and on par with the holding the G20 Summit in Bali last November.

"Hopefully, everything will run smoothly and make us proud," he remarked.

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