Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno has said that he is keen to see better public access integration and connectivity at Jakarta International Stadium (JIS).

He made the statement in response to queries about whether his ministry will intervene to address the access and connectivity issues raised by concert-goers who attended a special concert of Indonesian rock band Dewa 19 at the stadium on Saturday (February 4, 2023).

"I wish that JIS, with its outstanding capacity, can be managed in a more integrated way to facilitate concert-goers who want to visit the stadium or other concerts at other venues," Uno said at “The Weekly Brief with Sandi Uno,” which was followed online from here on Monday.

He further said that he had been informed that the Dewa 19 special concert at the stadium, which was attended by 70 thousand people, was a huge success.

However, the fans’ enthusiasm gave way to outrage when they found themselves stuck at the stadium for hours after the concert ended due to poor public transport access and lack of connectivity.

"We had addressed similar issues at earlier music festivals, when we facilitated drop-off areas and pick-up points and cooperating with some organizers with direct involvement to the event," Uno said.

While the ministry was not directly involved in the February 4 concert at JIS, it is ready to accommodate and answer public complaints related to the stadium facilities, as well as respond to requests for assistance from organizers, he said.

The minister affirmed that his ministry has already devised a standard procedure for safe and fun event organization, which includes crowd control arrangements, an early warning system, crowd flow, and drop-off and parking areas.

"We expect (concert organizers) can involve us more, as I and (Dewa 19 frontman) Ahmad Dhani are close friends. I was invited (for the February 4 concert), yet because of my duties in the 2023 ATF (ASEAN Tourism Forum), I could not attend the concert, and I was only able to observe it through social media posts," Uno remarked.

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Translator: M Baqir Idrus A, Nabil Ihsan
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