Speaking about the future, we are speaking about uncertainty
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin has asked the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) to take part in efforts to turn Indonesia into a global maritime axis, as envisioned in the 2045 Golden Indonesia vision.

"I ask the Indonesian Navy to play a strategic role to realize the goal," he said during a public lecture at the Naval Academy in Krembangan, Surabaya, East Java, on Monday (February 6, 2023).

Besides building their capability and gaining mastery over technology and science, the Indonesian people must have resilience, integrity, and keenness to serve the nation, he added.

As the sea is the epicenter of national economic power, the Indonesian seas must be managed and utilized sustainably and inclusively based on science, Amin stressed.

"As it will ensure our glory at sea: jalesveva jayamahe," he said citing the Indonesian Navy’s motto, which means “Victorious on the Sea.”

Taking note of the unpredictability of the future, he quoted Nobel laureate Dennis Gabor and said that “the future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.”

"Speaking about the future, we are speaking about uncertainty. Not a single expert is capable to ascertain how is the fate of the Earth and humanity in the future," Amin observed.

However, the future can be predicted with the help of criteria expounded by past experts, he said.

According to the Vice President, the two prevailing predictions of the future concern the end of the current superpower and the rise of new countries seeking to be the new global superpowers, as well as the rise of corporations with powers surpassing sovereign countries to steer global development.

Noting that new technologies and artificial intelligence will bring a watershed moment for humanity, which cannot be imagined right now, Amin urged Naval Academy cadets and Navy officers to plan and prepare for the future in the best way possible.

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