Jakarta (ANTARA) - Increasingly more number of sexual abuse cases coming to light indicated greater courage on the part of victims and their families to report their cases, Women's Empowerment and Children Protection Minister Bintang Puspayoga stated.

"In the last year, it was not the cases that were on the rise, but instead, what had increased are the cases that have come into light," the minister said at the "2023 Safer Internet Day Commemoration" event here on Wednesday.

"This is inseparable from (the part by) both the victims and the victims' families, who have dared to report them," she added.

The ministry pursues their effort by campaigning since 2020, with the slogan of "Dare to Speak Up," in a bid to instill a sense of courage in the victims to report the sexual violence that they underwent.

Minister Puspayoga expects that the courage shown by the victim and the family to report sexual violence cases could bring justice to the victim and serve as a deterrent effect for the perpetrator.

"This is what we have to continue to seek. To see the victim and the victim's family foster the courage to report it, to provide justice, and impose a deterrent effect on the perpetrators," she remarked.

The Women's Empowerment and Children Protection Ministry facilitates the public through the provision of various channels to register complaints, which can be accessed through SAPA 129 by dialing 129 as well as through the WhatsApp application number 08111-129-129.

"Various complaint channels have also been established to make it easier for the public to report violent acts against women and children," the minister further noted.

Puspayoga urged everyone to promote and campaign for the safe, responsible and positive use of the internet to protect women and children.

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Translator: Anita Permata Dewi, Mecca Yumna
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