Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) called on the mass media to encourage honest and fair conduct in the 2024 General Elections and emphasize national unity.

"Mass media must encourage honest and fair conduct during general elections that strengthen Indonesia's unity," the president stated at the 2023 National Press Day commemoration event in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, Thursday.

As observed by virtual means from the Presidential Secretariat YouTube channel here, the president appealed to the mass media to persevere in maintaining its idealism and objectivity and not become trapped in polarization.

Mass media must continue to be the fourth pillar of democracy and the main reference of information for the public, he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Jokowi considered that the press world is not in fine condition as various media agencies relying on online and digital media have sacrificed news report quality and authentic journalism.

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The main issue of the press world -- press freedom -- has now shifted to efforts to realize accountable news reporting, the president stated.

Therefore, efforts must be made to realize accountable reporting, as the current press consists of all information media that can appear in the digital form, so everyone can report the news freely, Jokowi noted.

On the same occasion, Jokowi underscored the contribution of the mass media in elevating him, a common man, as a president and becoming another success story in democracy.

"It has been proven that the press has opened an opportunity for a commoner, such as I am, to be the president," he stated.

Jokowi also conveyed his greetings on the occasion of National Press Day to the national mass media and expressed gratitude to all members of the press community for having contributed to the nation since the independence struggles until today.

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Translator: Mentari Dwi G, Nabil Ihsan
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