Jakarta (ANTARA) - Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate has urged the Press Council to formulate a journalism road map that allows the mass media to adopt a digital perspective.

"To maintain a fair environment, it is also necessary to put journalism and media in a new perspective: a digital perspective," the minister said at the commemoration of National Press Day, according to a press release issued on Thursday.

The road map is expected to improve the legal basis that regulates the sustainability of the media industry.

This legal basis can also help create a level playing field and lead to the convergence of media businesses.

One of the legal bases being prepared is the journalistic copyright regulation, which is also known as publisher rights.

The minister commended academics and members of the press who have contributed to the formulation of the regulation.

"We will go through the process of formulating legislative regulations together. I expect for this process to be pursued quickly because we have streamlined the issues and are calling for more active participation from stakeholders so that they can (reach a middle ground)," he said.

At the 2023 National Press Day commemoration, President Joko Widodo expressed his support for the regulation and said he expected it to be completed within one month.

On Tuesday (February 7, 2023), director general of information and public communication at the Communication and Information Ministry Usman Kansong said that his office has just completed the draft publisher rights and is currently in the process of submitting the draft to President Widodo.

There will be two main aspects covered in the publisher rights, the first being cooperation between digital platforms, such as Google, Meta, Twitter, and national mass media.

The second aspect pertains to a distinct agency, which would function as an entity that oversees, controls, and mediates for both parties, those being digital platforms and the media.

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