Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chief of the Presidential Staff Office Moeldoko called on the indigenous people of Nusantara City to seize opportunities by honing their capabilities and competencies through employment trainings.

"There will be many new opportunities in the future. Take part in various employment certifications and create products that will be needed by the Nusantara City people later. Hence, from now on, prepare yourself well," he said.

He made the statement following his meeting with leaders of the indigenous people of Dayak Paser, Balik, and Banjar in East Kalimantan, according to press statement that ANTARA received here Friday.

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He noted that the state capital relocation was not merely a physical move but rather also aimed at pursuing an Indonesia-centric development through the application of a just, equitable approach as well as to establish a completely new work culture.

The Office is confident that the relocation promotes economic growth in Nusantara City and its locales, all while also involving the indigenous people.

"Of course, the government has never abandoned indigenous people and their surroundings but has instead encouraged the community to be involved in the development of Nusantara City," he stated.

Moeldoko remarked that the government already has in place an independent appraisal and the Public Appraisal Service Office (KJPP) as a means to address land issues.

"The land prices issue does not come under the authority of a directorate general in one ministry. What is for sure is that the government already has means for land acquisition matters to be resolved quickly, fairly, and in accordance with the regulations," he noted.

During a meeting at the head of Penajam North Paser's residence, the leaders of indigenous people brought up some issues, including public economy development, youth education, community involvement in the Nusantara City development, and the amount of compensation for land that remains embroiled in controversy.

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