Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Nusantara Capital Authority confirmed that 90 national and foreign investors could be considered serious in their intent to invest in the new capital.

"We wish to report that we have received a lot of letters of interest that until last week, the number amounted to 142, of which 90 can be classified to have shown serious intention," Nusantara Capital Authority Head Bambang Susantono stated at a hearing meeting with the House of Representatives' (DPR RI's) Commission XI here on Monday.

Susantono remarked that the letters of interest were from 25 investors in the infrastructure and utility sector, 15 investors in the education sector, 10 in the housing sector, nine in the mixed-use and commercial sector, eight in the technology sector, five in the healthcare sector, four in the state-owned and private office sector, and two investors in the government office sector.

Meanwhile, the public private partnership scheme in the housing sector is expected to see the development of 184 apartment towers, with a total investment value reaching Rp41 trillion, comprising Rp30.8 trillion from Nusantara's Consortium, Rp8.65 trillion from Korea and Land Housing, and Rp1.67 trillion from Summarecon, he remarked.

The authority head affirmed that the new capital development budget plan remains 80 percent from external investment and 20 percent from the state budget.

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He noted that the Nusantara Capital Authority has grouped nine economic generators, and development would proceed gradually from the first generator, the national government centre.

"The government centre will be the number one while we open other areas for investors, but it will be different since basic infrastructures will be first made available in the first zone, the government centre," Susantono remarked.

Areas prioritized for investment in 2024 are also divided into three zones, with main priority accorded to develop the presidential palace, the coordinating ministry offices, essential ministry offices, and its supporting ecosystem, he noted.

Susantono said that in a significant shift to the earlier plan, the capital authority decided to prioritize supporting ecosystem development around the national government centre, including through the development of health facilities, office and commercial areas, and residential areas.

"We are keen that in 2024, the city will have its ecosystem, which means that relocated (residents) would have other facilities to allow them to do more than just working in their government offices," the capital authority head remarked.

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