We want to ensure that educational access for the children of PMIs as well as the health of our PMIs are guaranteed well.
Tanjung Selor, N Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The North Kalimantan Provincial Government plans to bring up three main issues at the meeting of Malaysia and Indonesia on Social and Economy (Sosek Malindo) scheduled in Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, in March 2023.

“Three main issues that we will bring up and discuss with Malaysia, especially (the government of) Sabah, include economy, socio-cultural, and security issues,” Assistant I of the North Kalimantan Provincial Secretary Datu Iqro Ramadhan stated, here, on Tuesday.

Currently, three working groups has begun listing various sub-topics of the three main issues.

The groups consist of the North Kalimantan Provincial Government, North Kalimantan Regional Police, North Kalimantan Provincial Military Command (Korem) 092/Maharajalila, Nunukan District Government, Tarakan Customs and Excise Office, Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Protection Agency (BP2MI), and other related institutions.

One of the sub-topics is the operation of four cross-border posts (PLBNs) in the province, comprising PLBN Sei Pancang, PLBN Labang, and PLBN Long Midang in Nunukan District, as well as PLBN Long Nawang in Malinau District.

“We will also propose the construction of a new PLBN at the border of Seimanggaris (Nunukan District) and Serudong (Sabah). We have conveyed this proposal to the central government in Jakarta,” Ramadhan stated.

The North Kalimantan Province’s working groups will also raise the discussion on the protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMIs) as well as the provision of educational access for the children of PMIs.

“We want to ensure that educational access for the children of PMIs as well as the health of our PMIs are guaranteed well,” the official of the North Kalimantan Provincial Government remarked.

Currently, the Indonesian and Malaysian governments are carrying out another Sosek Malindo meeting in Kuching, Serawak, Malaysia, he remarked.

North Kalimantan Province shares borders with Sabah and Sarawak.

“Hence, we (the Indonesian government) also have a special team from (the government of) Malinau District, which is included in the Sosek Malindo Serawak coordinated by (the government of) West Kalimantan, as Malinau District is closer to Sarawak,” Ramadhan stated.

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