Tokyo (ANTARA) - Japanese science researcher and journalist Kurasawa Haruo has said the media has an essential role in efforts to oppose war.

"I think the media's biggest role today is to oppose all kinds of wars," he said in his speech on “Media and the World” in Tokyo on Wednesday.

The media currently has a very significant role, he said, especially in the midst of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

He said the media should begin its mission to oppose war, and suggested that the media should not get involved in war.

"So, don't ever get involved in war because war doesn't produce any good effects," he stressed.

Besides opposing wars, the media also has an important role in efforts to correct the abuse of power, he said.

According to Kurasawa, the media is also expected to connect people from all over the world through the dissemination of correct and accurate information so as to create peace throughout the world.

"Because peace cannot be achieved without mutual understanding," he observed.

He also highlighted the need for the media's alignment with weak people.

"Today, there are many poor people and those who cannot express their own opinion. Therefore, the media should promote the perspective of the weak people," he said.

He said that in a bid to keep its credibility, the media needs to play a role in protecting human rights and respecting differences.

"The media also must convey facts and truth. Thus, the media can have credibility," he said.

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