Jakarta (ANTARA) - A senior official from the Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry has enumerated five challenges related to the provision of housing in the new capital (IKN) Nusantara in North Penajam Paser district, East Kalimantan.

"There are a number of challenges that we are facing in implementing the provision of housing in IKN in a short time with very large numbers," the ministry's director general of housing, Iwan Suprijanto, said.

He made the remarks at a webinar titled "Government Policy in Fulfilling Housing Needs and the Role of the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) in Supporting the Housing Fulfillment Program,” on Friday.

According to him, the first challenge involves construction technology given the focus on environmentally friendly technology to ensure the fulfillment of IKN's key performance indicators (KPI) and clean construction.

"The challenge is to create construction technology to answer the need for environmentally friendly technology by utilizing the domestic component level (TKDN)," he explained.

In addition, technology to speed up the construction process to ensure the availability of massive housing, according to the time target, is also needed. Currently, modular technology is being used for the construction of flats, Suprijanto said.

"Because of that, I have challenged fellow engineers throughout Indonesia to develop modular precast technologies and even volumetric ones, especially for buildings," he added.

The second challenge is supply chain support. Developers need effective supply chain support to utilize existing resources in East Kalimantan and maximize the use of TKDN, he said.

The third challenge relates to non-state budget funding. Suprijanto said that the state budget only covers 20 percent of the funding. The other 80 percent of funds for the development of IKN must come from creative financing.

Therefore, the government is also providing a chance to investors to get involved in IKN Nusantara’s development.

"We cannot only rely on the development budget provided by the government, but we also offer an investment opportunity for investors. It is not limited to the housing sector but also applies to other sectors," he said.

The fourth challenge covers development integration. Since the new capital’s development is a massive multi-sectoral project, Suprijanto said that support from the private sector, universities, and other related parties is needed to integrate the development.

The last challenge is the need for a dashboard to monitor the housing construction and basic settlement infrastructure in IKN.

"We need a dashboard for monitoring the progress of housing construction and basic settlement infrastructure in IKN," he added.

According to him, the Indonesian Capital City Authority (OIKN) must compile a real-time map that tracks the development phases and construction progress of all sectors on the dashboard as an integration effort for IKN development and to provide information to investors.

"With technology 4.0 moving toward 5.0, we need to ensure that infrastructure development in Indonesia is integrated with real-time monitoring that provides basic information to investors," he said.

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