Bandung, W Java (ANTARA) - Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno has urged the younger generation to create jobs by launching enterprises to help meet the government's target of creating 4.4 million jobs in the creative economy sector by 2024.

"Thus, the position of young entrepreneurs is vital for supporting the economy, creating jobs," he said while virtually joining the “2023 Annual Meeting of Ide Indonesia Entrepreneur Club” held here on Saturday.

The younger generation has the ability to support the national economy through innovations and create new opportunities, he observed.

The creative economy sector has the potential to be developed by the country's younger generation, he added.

"We also continue to encourage creative business movement. We are carrying it out by improving the skills (of human resources) in certain fields so that they are able to compete," he said.

According to him, there are several criteria for people to become competitive in the current situation, such as innovation, adaptation, collaboration, ability to take risks, networking, soft skills, and working hard smartly.

Meanwhile, special staff to the Vice President Arif Marbun said that the younger generation has vast potential to participate in developing the nation. They could become entrepreneurs and create jobs, he said.

The younger generation must collaborate with the government and other stakeholders, he stressed adding, with collaboration, they will become strong.

General chairperson of Ide Indonesia Entrepreneur Club Wibi Setiyofen said that the club is continuing to encourage the younger generation to take part in national development.

According to him, youngsters can participate by becoming entrepreneurs and creating jobs. Amid the current condition, creating jobs could help alleviate poverty in the country.

He said that the Ide Indonesia Entrepreneur Club is a non-profit organization with hundreds of members across Indonesia, consisting of entrepreneurs and people engaged in social organizations.

"We are present in various regions and create networks to collaborate. We will focus on networking, collaboration, and opening up job opportunities. Hopefully, we can help create jobs," Setiyofen remarked.

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