Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) commended the Semarang Government for its efforts to improve the quality of its population through the family planning program.

"Particularly in Semarang, it is very much in control. What is more important is that if one opts for family planning, (then pregnancy) must be spaced (out), so that between the children, the birth interval is not too close," BKKBN head Hasto Wardoyo noted in his official statement here on Friday.

Wardoyo undertook a work visit to Semarang City from Wednesday, March 8, to Saturday, March 11, to review the simultaneous family planning services.

He highlighted the good development of Central Java's population, particularly Semarang City, as the families have no more than two children.

The people are also considered to be able to understand the importance of spacing out birth intervals. A close birth interval could be detrimental, such as by causing maternal death, stunted growth in babies, as well as a lack of attention from parents that could impede children's physical and psychological development.

The agency head drew attention to four issues in population control, abbreviated as 4T: being too young for pregnancy, too old for pregnancy, too many children, and too close birth intervals. Wardoyo believes that these factors lead to several health problems for the mother and child.

Wardoyo explained to the mothers that family planning is not scary or painful while making assurance that it is safe, as it does not mess with the hormones. Often people view contraception without hormones as being safer, as it does not bring about any changes to the weight or menstruation cycle.

"I feel that collaboration of hospitals and the local Family Planning Office is very much supported by the National Population and Family Planning Agency. Implant is made available. IUD is made available. If necessary, I can propose for the availability of laparoscopy devices too. Rings for permanent contraception are also available in huge numbers," Wardoyo explained.

The simultaneous family planning service in Semarang City and Demak District was hosted by the agency and relevant stakeholders in commemoration of 2023 International Women's Day.

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