Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Home Affairs Muhammad Tito Karnavian called on regional heads to prioritize the precautionary principle in the procurement of goods and services (PBJ) in their respective regions in a bid to prevent corruption.

"The minister really hopes that regional heads and the DPRD, especially heads of regional apparatuses, as budget users, will prioritize the precautionary principle and not have a moral hazard in the procurement of goods and services," Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Suhajar Diantoro said as quoted from the press release received in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Diantoro made the statement during the Coordination Meeting of the Heads of Ministries and Institutions for the Regional Government Corruption Eradication Program and launch of the Monitoring Center for Prevention (MCP) Indicators 2023 that was held both online and offline from Jakarta, Tuesday (Mar 21).

He emphasized that the precautionary principle needs to be put forward since as many as 70 percent of corruption cases handled by law enforcement officials originate from the procurement of goods and services. He noted that the forms of corruption include price inflation, giving or accepting bribes, and fictitious jobs.

In addition to prioritizing the principle of prudence, Diantoro called on regional heads and members of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) to strengthen work units for the procurement of goods and services and to set an example to not be involved in conflicts of interest in the procurement of goods and services.

Moreover, Diantoro pressed for regional heads and the DPRD to carry out licensing in accordance with the provisions in a quick, economical, effective, and efficient manner. Regional heads should increase regional compliance to carry out public services, especially licensing.

“Actually, our main task is to increase the regional gross domestic product. Therefore, the minister of home affairs gave a correct message, so that for services, permits, and so on, there are no more complaints within the community," he affirmed.

Diantoro noted that the home affairs minister had urged the government's internal control apparatus (APIP), which can be likened to a stronghold of accountability and the ethics of regional government administrators, to be strengthened. According to Karnavian, the APIP should have people, who are competent, have integrity, and are the best in the local government environment.

"The minister asked that the APIP be strengthened because it is the one accompanying the regional head to improve it. APIP will work closely with KP and local law enforcers to remind each other to work more correctly," Diantoro stated.

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