We work hard, so that the stock is available and the price is affordable.
Magelang, Central Java (ANTARA) - Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan made assurance that the prices of staple foods are stable as Ramadhan 1444 H arrived on Thursday.

The minister, here on Wednesday, revealed that several commodities whose prices were stable the day before Ramadhan included onions, chicken eggs, chicken meat, and rice distributed by the State Logistics Agency (Bulog).

"Onions cost Rp30 thousand (per kg) and chicken meat was priced at Rp33 thousand to Rp35 thousand (per kg), so they are still cheap," he remarked.

"The ones in the market in Mojokerto also have even lower prices, and they are still available in large quantity," he remarked.

Moreover, the minister emphasized that the stock for MinyaKita, or subsidized cooking oil provided by the government, was still available in large quantities in traditional markets.

His ministry decided to not distribute the subsidized cooking oil to modern retail and marketplace, as it is intended for the middle to lower-class population.

The minister expects that the stability of food stocks and prices can be well-maintained throughout the 2023 Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitr period.

"We work hard so that the stock is available and the price is affordable," he affirmed.

According to the latest data from the National Strategic Food Price Information Center, the price for food commodities on Wednesday, March 22, tended to decline in the last three days.

Rice was priced at Rp13,250 per kg; chicken meat cost Rp35 thousand per kg; beef, Rp133,800 per kg; and chicken eggs, Rp29,850 per kg.

Meanwhile, the price of shallots fell to Rp37,400 per kg; garlic, Rp33,500 per kg; red chili, Rp49,700 per kg; cayenne pepper, Rp60,350 per kg; cooking oil, Rp19,350 per kg; and granulated sugar, Rp15 thousand per kg.

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