Palangka Raya, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The provincial government of Central Kalimantan has urged residents to implement urban farming by utilizing the available land in their yards or around residential areas.

The step is necessary to control inflation in the region, head of the Food Security Office of Central Kalimantan Riza Rahmadi said here on Monday.

"The concept of urban farming by planting various strategic commodities, such as chilies, is believed to be able to support inflation control," he explained after attending a virtual inflation control coordination meeting with the Home Affairs Minister.

According to him, the urban farming concept could help the community and the regional government realize food self-sufficiency, which would also impact the price stability of several strategic food commodities in markets.

One of the commodities that are currently inviting concern is bird's eye chili, especially in Murung Raya district.

Based on the strategic food balance of districts and cities in Central Kalimantan, in the third week of March 2023, stocks of bird's eye chili in Murung Raya were scant.

"Based on the data, the availability of bird's eye chili in Murung Raya reached 3.5 tons; meanwhile, the need reached more than 3.3 tons. Therefore, the excess is only around 0.1 tons," he explained.

Therefore, the local government and the community have been asked to boost the implementation of urban farming.

The Food Security Office of Central Kalimantan is also planning to carry out market operations and provide various food commodities, including bird's eye chili, especially in Murung Raya area.

"We are making efforts to maximally make preventive and control measures to maintain the stability of food prices in markets, especially since we have entered the holy month of Ramadan," Rahmadi said.

Currently, Central Kalimantan's inflation is under control and the province has been ranked 16th nationally in terms of combined inflation in cities of 5.81 percent (yoy).

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Translator: Muhammad Arif, Raka Adji
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