The audit of stunting cases is one of the priority activities in the national stunting reduction initiative
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Regional stunting audits can be pursued optimally if all stakeholders can establish strong collaboration, the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) stated.

"The audit of stunting cases is one of the priority activities in the national stunting reduction initiative," Head of the National Population and Family Planning Agency Hasto Wardoyo noted during a webinar titled "Action I of 2023" accessed here on Tuesday.

Wardoyo said the aim is to have hundred percent of the targeted districts and cities conduct stunting case audits in the 2022-2024 period, he remarked.

In 2023, the agency had allocated funding for the activity, as stipulated in BKKBN Regulation Number 13 of 2022 regarding technical guidance on the 2023 operational funding for family planning, he stated.

The funding is meant to pursue a more effective and efficient stunting case audit in 2023, Wardoyo remarked.

However, in its management, coordination among special allocation fund teams from regional and municipal levels should be strengthened in the planning to report phase, he remarked.

Wardoyo said that the activity is considered efficient in supporting other data collection practices, such as family data collection, electronic-based nutrition report (e-PPBGM), Ready for Marriage and Pregnancy Electronic Application (Elsimil), and others. Thus, several data are shared during case selection, support period, and audit evaluation, he pointed out.

"If the stunting audit cannot show specific data, then it is not an audit. Do not make resumes of unspecific things because they are hard to follow up on. It is meaningless to make resume from stunting audit if it was not case by case and does not show microdata from a case; (then it will be difficult) for fellow health professionals to address the issue," he emphasized.

He also noted that the 2023 audit is supported with Elsimil, an application to support families. Initially, the application was meant for prospective brides and grooms, but the target has since been expanded to pregnant women, ladies that recently gave birth, and children up to 23 months of age.

He stated that the app is expected to assist relevant supporting teams in conducting early detection of stunting risk in families. The data from Elsimil can be used as a basis for stunting data audit, Wardoyo remarked.

Stunting case audit has also been integrated with another program called the Stunted Children's Foster Father, he said. The integration benefits families that are also assisted in accordance with recommendations from experts.

"This integration also ensured that stunting case audits give the greatest benefit to the audit and efforts to prevent and address stunting cases," he noted.

Hence, boosting commitment and collaboration among all stakeholders, from provincial to the village levels, is deemed necessary, he opined.

"To commit to preparing everything, so the 2023 stunting audit cases can be done optimally," he concluded.

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