Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Health Ministry is awaiting the results of an audit by the Regional Commissariat on Adverse Events Following Immunization (Komda KIPI) following the death of a 5-month-old infant in Trenggalek, East Java, after tetanus toxoid (TT) immunization.

"We are still waiting for Komda KIPI, which is conducting an audit," director general of disease prevention and control at the ministry, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, informed here on Wednesday.

He noted that the ministry is compiling a chronological report from the local health office to determine the exact cause behind the incident.

"We have asked for the incident chronology to figure out the cause, whether it is the vaccine or not," he said.

A 5-month-old infant in Trenggalek, East Java, died on March 21, 2023, after receiving a TT vaccine from a village midwife.

Following immunization, the infant experienced high fever and seizures so its family took it to a hospital, where it was later declared dead.

On a separate occasion, chief of the National Commission on Adverse Events Following Immunization (Komnas KIPI), Hindra Irawan Satari, confirmed that an audit by Komnas KIPI and East Java Komda KIPI is underway.

"Recommendations will be arranged soon," he said.

Earlier, at a double immunization information session in Jakarta on March 27, Satari said that an adverse event following immunization (AEFI) is a natural reaction that optimizes biochemical reactions within the body.

AEFI is divided into two types: the first is the serious type, which is characterized by medical events that cause hospitalization, disability, or death, and fuels anxiety in the community.

The second type is the non-serious AEFI, characterized by medical events that do not pose risks to the health of vaccine recipients.

The commission reported 9 cases of severe AEFI in Indonesia in 2016, of which, 3 were caused by vaccine reactions, while 6 were coincidental or not vaccine-related.

A similar incident also occurred in 2018 and was determined to be a vaccine reaction. In 2019, there were 7 coincidental and indeterminate cases.

"The last one occurred in 2022, with 1 coincidental case," Satari said.

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