Jakarta (ANTARA) - Optimizing the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) culture at work can help avoid the risk of work accidents or work-related illnesses, according to the Indonesian Manpower Ministry.

The Ministry's Director General for the Development of Labor Inspection and OSH, Haiyani Rumondang, remarked that the development of a superior employment ecosystem requires drafting good regulations in employment and increasing understanding and awareness of all parties regarding labor norms, including establishing a qualified OSH culture.

"Implementing a strong safety culture can help us avoid the risk of work accidents and occupational diseases, leading to increased productivity and safer, more productive work environments," she noted in a webinar about the OSH Expert Competency Improvement in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The webinar was attended by 2,700 OSH general experts from various regions.

Rumondang also noted that implementing OSH in the workplace is one of the efforts to protect workers in creating a safe and healthy workplace.

The Manpower Ministry has made several efforts to implement OSH, such as compiling and updating norms, standards, criteria, and procedures, as well as conducting guidance and supervision of the implementation of OSH laws and regulations, according to Rumondang.

"This aims to increase awareness of company management and workers about the benefits of implementing OSH that can increase efficiency and productivity," she remarked.

Based on data from the National Labor Force Survey in 2020, the structure of the Indonesian labor market is dominated by workers with elementary and junior high school education levels.

This is a challenge for OSH experts in providing an understanding of OSH to workers, as it requires a higher ability to understand the various consequences that they and others may face if they did not implement OSH, she said.

"Therefore, in every workplace, it is necessary to appoint someone who has a correct understanding of OSH as the motivator and mentor for his subordinate workers," she emphasized.

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Translator: Zubi Mahrofi, Resinta S
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