Program convergence by involving all stakeholders became the main key in eradicating extreme poverty and reducing the stunting figure
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture underscored the importance of updating target data to support the effort to eradicate extreme poverty, Ministry's Social Prosperity Improvement Coordination Deputy Ade Rustama stated.

"Improving and updating target data became one of the main keys in the extreme poverty eradication effort," Rustama noted in a statement, Sunday.

The government is aiming to eradicate extreme poverty, from four percent, or 10.86 million people, in 2021 to zero percent by 2024 by reducing extreme poverty by one percent each year, he explained.

Various strategies continue to be implemented, including by improving and updating target data, program convergence optimization through the CSR role and public participation, and routine monitoring of the extreme poverty eradication acceleration program, he noted.

Extreme-poverty families will receive regular social aid program through the synchronization of Extreme Poverty Eradication Acceleration Targeting (P3KE) data and Social Prosperity Integrated Data (DTKS).

"According to the existing data, regular social aid program had been distributed by more than 95 percent in 2022," he stated.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy urged all stakeholders to implement stunting handling and extreme poverty programs' convergence.

"Program convergence by involving all stakeholders became the main key in eradicating extreme poverty and reducing the stunting figure," he noted.

Effendy explained that stunting and extreme poverty overlap with one another, so their handling efforts can be undertaken simultaneously and continuously.

Program convergence is an intervention approach conducted in a coordinated, integrated, and collective manner to prevent stunting and eradicate extreme poverty toward achieving priority targets.

Through the statement, Education Quality and Religious Moderation Improvement Coordination Deputy Warsito stated that education plays a crucial role in forming the students' character.

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