Semarang, Central Java (ANTARA) - The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas/SAR) has asked all Eid exodus travelers to contact the agency's call center 115 in case of an emergency.

"Travelers can contact us at 115 if they experience an emergency. They will be connected to our operator at the nearest post from their location," Semarang SAR Office's operations and alert head Moel Wahyono said here on Wednesday.

Basarnas will be on standby 24 hours to support a comfortable and safe exodus this year by cooperating with toll road operators and the local police, he added.

At least 144 personnel from the Semarang SAR Office will remain on standby at posts set up at some toll exits.

"We have three posts at toll roads, first at Kalikangkung with 10 personnel per shift, then the Bojong toll road exit at Pekalongan district and the third at the Brebes exit with 7 personnel each per shift," Wahyono informed.

According to him, the personnel are being kept on standby based on last year's experience, when accidents occurred because of fatigue or sleepy drivers forcing themselves to drive.

Basarnas will promptly deploy special handling after getting a report from the call center.

If the Basarnas call center is busy, people can contact the toll road operator’s call center at 14080 for the Semarang-Solo toll road managed by PT Trans Marga Jateng.

Basarnas has also prepared rescue support tools for emergency evacuations, such as for handling accidents.

Just like last year, the agency has also prepared a helicopter for health emergencies, especially during traffic congestion.

Wahyono said that his side has readied inflatable boats in case of floods due to extreme weather.

Despite the on-trip challenges, it is expected that the public will play a role in realizing a safe exodus, he added.

"As many carry out fasting, physical condition is a concern. If feeling sleepy, go to rest areas at the toll roads," he said.

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Translator: Hreeloita S, Kenzu
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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