Jakarta (ANTARA) - The coronavirus pandemic has not ended in Indonesia yet and vaccination remains an important protective measure that must be taken without delay, Government Spokesperson for COVID-19 Handling Reisa Broto Asmoro has said.

"Our pandemic status has not been revoked. But thank God, Indonesia's COVID-19 condition remains under control," she noted in Jakarta on Friday.

She said that people must ensure they are healthy and fit before leaving for homecoming and joining the return flow. One way to protect the community is through the completion of vaccination.

"Vaccination will increase antibodies and is also useful to protect the community from other diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases," she added.

According to Asmoro, when in a public place filled with many people, especially during Eid gatherings, people really need to have strong antibodies. She said that antibodies formed by vaccines could prevent severe symptoms upon COVID-19 infection. When antibodies decline, the virus spreads more quickly.

She then reminded the public to immediately complete their vaccination doses before gathering with their families.

"Especially if you are in the vulnerable group of people such as the elderly, pregnant women, or people with immune deficiency," she added.

Earlier, President Joko Widodo informed that COVID-19 cases in Indonesia have recently increased and issued three directions.

First, he highlighted the importance of completing the vaccination, from the first to the third dose.

"Do not feel safe then neglect to complete the vaccination doses that have been recommended by the government," he said.

Second, the head of state asked people experiencing symptoms, such as influenza or fever, to mask up. Masks also need to be used by people who have congenital diseases and those who plan to meet elderly people.

Third, he asked the public to continue to wash their hands after performing activities.

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