Palangka Raya, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The Isen Mulang Cultural Festival (FBIM), the largest in Central Kalimantan, will be held on May 22-27, 2023, in Palangkaraya City.

Head of the Central Kalimantan Culture and Tourism Office Adiah Chandra Sari stated here on Thursday that various series of spectacular activities had been readied to enliven FBIM 2023.

"Starting from a dance performance by 500-600 people, who will be recorded by the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI), a cultural carnival, traditional competitions, a Nusantara Culinary Festival, and other interesting agendas," Sari elaborated.

She said the event will showcase a full range of innovations and creations.

FBIM is also one of the tourism agendas from Central Kalimantan that is listed in the 2023 Kharisma Event Nusantara (KEN) by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

This year's FBIM will be livelier, as it involves participants from all districts and cities throughout the province, and more tourists, either domestic or foreign, are expected to visit.

Sari explained that FBIM offers motivation to various parties, not only art and culture actors but also the community and the business world to contribute to development of the cultural and tourism sectors.

She highlighted that unlike the previous year's implementation, FBIM will be held with a new concept this year.

The event's opening was usually marked with a cultural carnival, but this year’s carnival will be conducted separately.

"This is because of the high (level of) enthusiasm of the visitors and the cultural carnival participants. Hence, the carnival is scheduled alone to optimize the implementation," she stated.

This year's FBIM will carry the theme of "The Beauty of Diversity" and will be held at some locations in Palangkaraya City, starting from the Tuah Pahoe Stadium, the GOR Tjilik Riwut sports complex, and other places.

The Babukung Festival is another tourism event from Central Kalimantan that is listed in the ministry's KEN.

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