Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - Papua Province's Office of Marine and Fishery (DKP) urged governments of eight districts and one city in the province to immediately scout marine sector potentials and arrange plans to maximize the region's resource utilization.

Head of Papua DKP Iman Djuniawal stated in Jayapura City, Tuesday, that the office had held a forum of regional apparatuses that convened strategic plans for the marine and fishery sector for the 2024-2026 period.

"On Monday (May 15), we held a meeting to arrange strategic plans in hopes of finding a way to maximize resource utilization in the marine sector," he remarked.

According to Djuniawal, the marine and fishery sector currently constitutes one of the main sources of income in the province. Bearing that in mind, efforts to improve inter-regional government coordination are deemed necessary to optimize the potential of the sector, he remarked.

"The establishment of New Autonomous Regions (DOBs) will surely have an impact on regional financing, which urges us to make innovation in order to better utilize available resources, such as in the marine, agriculture, plantation, and forestry sectors," he pointed out.

To support the idea, Djuniawal called on the province's regional governments to team up in arranging strategic plans while paying attention to respective conditions in each region as well as to existing dynamics.

"The arrangement of strategic plans will encourage all parties to ramp up every effort, so that it can be a reference in making improvements. Therefore, the efforts to combine every potential in every region will in turn help us achieve the targets that have been set by the central government," he noted.

He stated that during the meeting, the office and regional governments had discussed strategic issues in the fishery sector, with the objective of identifying problems and finding applicable solutions with regard to the current condition in the regions following the establishment of DOBs.

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