Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) conducted a ship naming ceremony for its fifth and sixth 60-meter missile-equipped fast attack boats constructed by national shipyard company PAL Indonesia here on Wednesday (May 17).

The two ships were christened KRI Kapak-625 and KRI Panah-626 in honor of two traditional weapons of the Asmat people in West Papua, symbolizing hopes and expectations for the new ships.

Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Muhammad Ali remarked that the two new warships manifested the Navy's efforts to ramp up its primary weapons system (alutsista) according to the planned strategy and posture.

"The development of the two warships will bolster the Indonesian Navy's power and capability as the main component of national defense in securing the national interests and sovereignty at sea," Ali stated.

The admiral highlighted that naming the ship kapak (hatchet) -- a powerful, firm, and sharp weapon -- symbolizes its capability to strengthen unity and integrity of the Papua region and Indonesia and withstand challenges from nature and the enemies.

Meanwhile, the name panah (arrow) -- a weapon that cannot be deflected after being released from its bow and can aim and shoot its target accurately -- is emblematic of the ship's accurate aim, physical prowess, and zero hesitation while performing its duties, he elaborated.

"The use of traditional weapon names from Papua (as the ships' names) is also to show the Indonesian nation's love and pride that is inseparable from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia," the navy chief expounded.

Meanwhile, President Director of PAL Indonesia Kaharuddin Djenod remarked that KRI Kapak-625 and KRI Panah-626 are the first 60-metre missile-equipped fast boat projects effective in a contract, which includes the development of the ships' platform, installations, and integration of the main armaments.

Djenod explained that the two ships had successfully completed the Sea Acceptance Test, wherein they were found to have achieved average speeds surpassing the contract requirements.

"This proved that there are no issues in terms of the design, performance, and stability aspects, and this achievement showed the improvement to the 60-meter fast boat," the company head stated.

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Translator: Willi Irawan, Nabil Ihsan
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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