Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD has called for "inspirational politics", namely politics that prioritize developing justice, maintaining law, and selecting truthful and just leaders in the 2024 general elections.

"Such politics focus on how to develop justice, uphold the law, and choose just and truthful leaders," Mahfud said in a statement released on Friday.

The statement was made after the minister met with Yahya Cholil Staquf, Chairman of PBNU, the executive board of the country's largest Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama.

According to the minister, the meeting was held to discuss Islamic matters within the framework of nationalism, "Indonesianness", and efforts to bring the nation to realize a better future.

The former Constitutional Court Chief Justice considered his meeting with Staquf crucial in order to align their visions.

He noted that Nahdlatul Ulama has authority in the context of providing insights on education, as well as suggestions and appeals to public order.

Meanwhile, the government plays its part by executing policies, based on suggestions sought from the people, including PBNU, he added.

"I exercise the authority I wield on the field," Mahfud pointed out.

With regard to efforts to create an advanced nation, the minister said he shares the same ideas as Staquf during their frequent discussions.

"In other words, he moves amid the society, while I move in the government. All we do is for the sake of Indonesia," he reiterated.

Staquf said that the meeting with Mahfud reaffirmed the existing synergy between PBNU and the government in their joint efforts to build a better Indonesia.

Furthermore, he views that the meeting would also help placate doubts among members of the public regarding the minister's membership in Nahdlatul Ulama.

"This meeting confirms that Mr Mahfud still belongs to Nahdlatul Ulama," Staquf stressed.

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Translator: Putu Indah, Tegar Nurfitra
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