Moreover, the most appropriate way to express criticism to the government and highlight their errors is through the parliament, he added.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Former presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo affirmed that he will be in opposition to the upcoming government of President-elect Prabowo Subianto and Vice President-elect Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

"I declare that, first, I will not be part of the upcoming government," Ganjar stated at a gathering here on Monday (May 6).

He emphasized that opposition is a necessary feature in democracy to ensure checks and balances on the government.

"Nonetheless, I am respecting the upcoming government, and we will carry out our role appropriately," the former Central Java governor remarked.

Ganjar stated that the decision aims to remind the nation that Indonesia's ways of doing politics should be upgraded and that becoming an opposition is still an honorable duty.

Moreover, the most appropriate way to express criticism to the government and highlight their errors is through the parliament, he added.

"That is the best way to do appropriate actions to control (the government)," Ganjar remarked.

Meanwhile, former vice presidential candidate and Ganjar's running mate, Mahfud MD, stated that he would continue fighting for the nation in various ways, either by joining a political party or participating in a political movement.

A political movement is not limited to political parties but also includes public organizations and the press working to monitor national policies and government activities, he explained.

Mahfud also affirmed that he would return to universities to teach law studies and rectify how the law is practiced in Indonesia, which he believed is corrupted by small elites seeking short-term goals.

"I will monitor our legal and court systems because our law starts from lawmaking, then government activities, and in our courts. We need to improve them all to ensure our nation will survive to the future," he remarked.

The General Elections Commission (KPU), on April 24, 2024, officiated Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka as the president- and vice-president-elect, as their rivals' efforts to challenge the February 14 poll results were quashed by the Constitutional Court.

President Joko Widodo affirmed that he would authorize the transition of leadership to the president- and vice president-elect to commence following the KPU declaration.

Widodo also reiterated his government's full support for the smooth organization of the leadership transition until October 2024.

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