Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia is a nation that cannot be dictated by any country or anyone, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) emphasized while delivering his remarks during the Pancasila Day ceremony at the National Monument (Monas) complex here, Thursday.

The birthday of Pancasila, the five fundamental principles of Indonesia, is commemorated on June 1 every year in the country.

“This is Indonesia. Indonesia is Indonesia that cannot be dictated by anyone, (a nation) that cannot be dictated by any country but is always ready to contribute to the world," he affirmed.

Jokowi noted that as a big country, Indonesia must be equal to other nations. Indonesia is ready to cooperate and lead and is keen to cooperate and collaborate with any country and serve as a bridge for addressing differences in the world.

According to the president, the Pancasila ideology that Indonesia upholds has made the country's leadership accepted and recognized by the world.

President Jokowi assessed that Indonesia's successful Group of Twenty (G20) presidency last year as well as the country's ASEAN chairmanship this year have become real evidence that Pancasila is not only relevant for Indonesia but also for the world.

He further emphasized that tolerance, unity, and mutual cooperation are instrumental in building a strong nation.

To this end, he invited all people to reject extremism, identity politics, and the politicization of religions, especially ahead of the 2024 General Elections scheduled on February 14 next year.

"Let us welcome the democracy party of the 2024 General Elections with maturity, with joy, by upholding the values of Pancasila, striving for a developed Indonesia that is prosperous, as well as fair, prestigious on the world stage," the president stated.

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