Manado, North Sulawesi (ANTARA) - National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) Governor Andi Widjajanto affirmed that Indonesia respects the territorial integrity of nations and strives to achieve peaceful resolutions in international conflicts.

"Every time an armed conflict occurs, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Indonesia firmly adheres to the territorial integrity principle," he stated here on Tuesday (June 6).

Widjajanto made the remarks while opening the Training of Trainer (ToT) agenda to promote nationalistic values to teachers, university lecturers, and state apparatus teachers in government agencies in the region.

The agency head emphasized that Indonesia openly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as it violates Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Indonesia will continue to promote peaceful resolutions for all conflicts, including the Ukraine-Russia conflict, by encouraging dialogues, engagement, involvement, collaboration, and bilateral and multilateral meetings.

Such actions will encourage positive interactions between countries to cooperate in more aspects and realize regional and global peace, he affirmed.

He also emphasized that Indonesia does not hinge on military might and does not tolerate unilateral aggression by stronger countries.

Meanwhile, Widjajanto called to intensify efforts to instil nationalism, as challenges that Indonesia would face in future, such as the evolving global and geopolitical dynamics, are potentially escalating.

Bearing in mind the gravity of those issues, President Joko Widodo had called on the agency to issue geopolitical dynamics reports on a monthly basis since 2022, he noted.

The agency also observed conditions in several countries, such as Nigeria, Thailand, and Turkiye, that have just concluded their elections and possible implications for their national politics.

"The regional and global geopolitical dynamics proved that we should strengthen our shield, which is our basic consensus on nationalism," Widjajanto stated.

Nationalistic values should be instilled in residents as preparation for the general elections next year, he stated.

"As we will enter the political year, with experiences from the earlier elections, we understand that our national politics should be enhanced," the agency head stressed.

Widjajanto affirmed that Lemhannas also strives to prevent unwanted meddling from other countries and ensures no anomaly in cyberspace that can cause the spread of hate speeches and hoaxes that can disrupt democratic consolidation.

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