Jakarta (ANTARA) - The COVID-19 pandemic and the global energy supply disruption are driving the environment-friendly energy transition forward, governor of the National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) Andi Widjajanto has said.

"The price volatility of the energy commodity has made many parties pay attention more seriously to the green energy transition," he said in his year-end statement at a press conference here on Wednesday.

Indonesia needs more innovations to increase its capacity to implement the green economy because it is still relatively on the medium level, he added.

"Indonesia needs to prepare human resources (HR) who master new technology, green technology, and we also need a big paradigm shift in how the energy transition is carried out," he said.

According to Widjajanto, Indonesia is seeing increasing opportunities to realize the green energy transition, with global investors evincing their interest in building an electric vehicle battery supply chain in Indonesia.

According to him, the electric vehicle battery supply chain can be a solution for economic growth and national transformation in the future.

"We once suggested that the two biggest energy corporations in Indonesia, PLN (state-owned electricity firm) and Pertamina (state-run oil and gas corporation) make the green energy paradigm their main vision and mission," he said.

In 2022, the National Resilience Institute has succeeded in producing 42 policy recommendations on five topics, based on the instructions of the President, namely democratic consolidation, digital transformation, green economy, blue economy, and the new capital (IKN) development, he added.

"From February to mid-December, we have provided 42 studies in the form of policy recommendations on five topics requested by the President," he said.

In addition to the green economy, Indonesia must also improve the ocean health index, Widjajanto added.

"In the main paradigm of the blue economy, what we observe is ocean health, where Indonesia's score is still on the medium level," he said.

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