I am quite optimistic that there will be no more disadvantaged villages in Lampung in 2023.
Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (PDTT) Minister Abdul Halim Iskandar expressed his side's readiness to assist village innovators to register their works for intellectual property rights (IPR).

"We always help all (technological development) results displayed at the GTTGN (National Appropriate Technology Exhibition) and innovations to get the IPR," he remarked at the opening of the XXIV 2023 GTTGN here on Wednesday.

Iskandar noted that the event was held to encourage the establishment of various innovations to expedite the development of villages across Indonesia.

The ministry encourages the application of appropriate technology to meet the needs of residents and villages.

Hence, the minister assessed that the implementation of the event is important.

Iskandar is sanguine that those innovations would bolster the utilization of Village Funds to encourage economic growth and improvement of human resources in the villages.

"If these two aspects are developed properly at the village level, then it will have a (huge) impact on national development,” he remarked.

Hence, the ministry continues to provide assistance to village innovators, who are committed to boosting economic growth of their respective regions.

"Therefore, the Village PDTT Ministry initiated the realization of Village SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as the localization of the global SDGs in Indonesia, which are outlined in Presidential Decree Number 57 of 2019," Iskandar stated.

Furthermore, he shed light on the improvement of disadvantaged villages in Lampung Province.

"I am quite optimistic that there will be no more disadvantaged villages in Lampung in 2023," he noted.

According to the ministry’s Development Village Index (IDM), the index had reached 79 percent in Lampung Province. The province currently only has seven disadvantaged villages.

On the occasion, Governor of Lampung Arinal Djunaidi thanked the central government for selecting the province to host the XXIV 2023 GTTGN.

Furthermore, Djunaidi said that his ranks are focused on developing villages to improve the economy of the people.

"Thank God, there has been a significant development," he added.

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