Jakarta (ANTARA) - Job fairs are an effort by the government to create more opportunities for people seeking jobs, Secretary General of the Manpower Ministry Anwar Sanusi stated here on Wednesday.

"Through a job fair, many job seekers are expected to land a job, and employers hire their workers," he said in a statement here on Wednesday.

At the 2023 Job Fair in Palembang, South Sumatra, he said a job fair is a way for companies to reach out and hire qualified candidates, in accordance with the specifications of the job positions.

According to Sanusi, Indonesia is facing major challenges in providing job opportunities because of slow economic growth.

"The characteristics of Indonesia's economic growth continue to change. Our industry is more capital-intensive than labor-intensive, as a result, the open unemployment rate and poverty are still happening in some population groups," he said.

The Manpower Ministry provides information on job employment, training, vacancies, and internships, which can be accessed by the public through the SIAPKerja application on the https://kemnaker.go.id page.

In addition, there is an application for job fairs at https://jobfair.kemnaker.go.id which can be utilized online or offline, so that data on visitors, participants or companies, and job seekers, can be documented properly.

The Ministry of Manpower has held various job trainings to produce more qualified workers so that they can be accepted for work in the industrial and business worlds.

"Trainees who have graduated get a certificate of competency," special staff to the Manpower Minister, Hindun Anisah, said earlier in a gathering in Kudus, Central Java.

The training programs vary and anyone can participate, especially if they are of a productive age.

There are also mobile training units (MTU) that use trucks and training equipment to reach communities in the regions.

In addition, the ministry has the tailor-made training (TMT) model that is designed for labor placement.

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